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Employee safety is more than a priority, it is our core value at Appellation Construction Services, LLC. Accident prevention is considered of primary importance in all phases of operation and administration. It is the responsibility of Appellation Construction Services management to provide safe and healthy working conditions. We require safe work practices and good behaviors by all employees.


Our approach to the Health and Safety of our employees is:


  • We empower our employees with STOP WORK AUTHORITY

  • To provide a safe and healthy workplace for everyone

  • To identify and mitigate the associated hazards

  • Insist on safe employee behaviors and work practices

  • Providing the correct Personal Protective Equipment to minimize employee injuries

  • Ensuring proper and ongoing employee safe work practices through daily safety reminders and training

Safety Team in the field
NECA Zero Injury Award
NECA Safety Excellence Award
Appellation Construction Services, LLC employs a multi-employee full-time Safety Department dedicated to ensuring our employees return home every day without injury.
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