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Our Jobs 

Appellation Construction Services, is a full-service contractor providing Fabrication/ Installation, ASME Construction & Repair, Blasting/Coating/Painting, (Shop & Field), Electrical Construction, Pipeline Facility, Power & Industrial supporting the Oil and Gas industry.  See our jobs history below.

The Forum - Harrisburg PA

Forum Pic#1.png


Appellation Construction Services (ACS) electrical department has been involved with the State Capital’s historic Forum building as the prime electrical contractor for over a year. The Forum building is a 350,000 sq ft, 90 + year old building located along South Drive just behind the Pennsylvania’s State Capital building in Harrisburg on the State Capital Complex. We are upgrading the entire electrical system to meet current electrical codes and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. Along with the electrical system we are also upgrading the security system, fire alarm system and communication infrastructure. ACS have teamed up with local vendors and subcontractors in our performance of this project. We are proud to have been chosen to be involved with such a historic project.

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