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Painting and Coating 

We have a team of experienced and skillful commercial/industrial abrasive blasters and coaters. On our 14+ acre facility, Appellation is equipped with a 60’ x 20’ abrasive blasting booth with a media recovery system and a 60’ x 20’ climate-controlled coating booth. These two booths have an in-line rail system running through, which gives us the capability to efficiently move large fabrications, multiple fabrications, and joints of pipe, etc… down the line for the next step in the process. The rail system continues through the building to outside for easy loading and off-loading.

We have the capabilities to spray apply Fusion bonded epoxies (FBE) with our plural component systems. We can also spray apply liquid epoxies, liquid polyurethane, zinc coatings, intumescent coatings, and multiple other coating systems.  Appellation is also equipped with mobile abrasive blasting units and coating sprayers ready to mobilize to site to handle any blasting and coating needs that may arise.

Our team employs multiple NACE certified inspectors, and we follow the industry standards of SSPC, NACE and ASTM with all our coating projects. We also hold many manufactures certifications and are properly trained on how to use specific products, for example, Denso 7200, Denso 7900, SPC 2888, SPC 8888, PipeClad 2000, Trenton Wax Tapes, Atlas Wrap and Clock spring wraps.

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  • Liquid Epoxy Coating  

  • Industrial & Commercial Abrasive Blasting

  • Wax Tape Application

  • Clock Spring Wrap

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