Appellation Construction Services has a strong history of performing mechanical construction safely, with quality, and on schedule.  We have many years of experience bringing projects from blueprints to completion.  While our focus is on Oil and Gas piping systems, we have been equally as successful in all markets requiring mechanical piping.  We have a strong tradition of teaming up with owners to make all aspects of the project a success.


We have the capability to simultaneously build your piping in our shop while field construction is completing the site work.  This gives you the advantage of two work fronts reducing schedule while increasing quality.  We are working on your piping system prefabricating it in a controlled environment.  Our fabrication shop can handle ½’’ pipe up to 60’’ pipe.  We fabricate, preform hydrostatic pressure testing, and paint/coat the system all under one roof to maximize efficiency and quality.  We also hold an R, U and S stamp for pressure vessel and boiler repair and construction up to 10,000 psi.

Appellation Construction Services has a reputation for completing difficult projects.  We have never missed a deadline in the company’s history and don’t plan to miss your completion date.  We have a strong team of supervision and project managers that understand the urgency of construction and have the experience to solve any problem that may arise.

Appellation Construction Services leads the industry in project controls and turnover documentation.  Our team understands the importance of being constantly updated on project status.  We provide daily reports, weekly schedule updates and weekly look ahead schedules.  As the project is constructed, we carefully and accurately document the turnover information for you project.  Our design department takes all this data and puts it in a professional bound turnover package once the projects is complete.  Appellation Construction Services keeps a copy on file in case something is lost in the future.  

We can install, modify, and maintain the following systems:

  • Low pressure process piping

  • High pressure process piping

  • Compressor stations

  • Meter/Regulator stations

  • Dehy systems

  • System modifications

  • Hot taps

  • Tie ins

  • Anomaly repairs

  • Blasting and painting/coating

We serve most industries including:

  • Oil and Gas

  • Power Generation

  • Industrial

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Commercial

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Administrative Office

999 N. Loyalsock Ave Suite C

Montoursville, Pa 17754

Tel: 570-601-4765

Fax: 570-601-4768

999 N. Loyalsock Ave Suite C

Montoursville, Pa 17754

Tel: 570-601-4765

Fax: 570-601-4768

999 N. Loyalsock Ave Suite C

Montoursville, Pa 17754

Tel: 570-601-4765

Fax: 570-601-4768

Fabrication Plant

191 Palmer Industrial Rd

Williamsport, Pa 17701