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Our electrical department provides you with stand alone electrical construction. It also allows us the control and quality needed for today's fast paced construction schedules. Our electrical team is comprised of hardworking, experienced individuals whose performance of professional installations, maintenance, and instrumentation far exceeds the needs of our customers. We specialize in anything from pipeline facilities and industrial work to commercial and educational amenities.


We believe that every project accepted, is an opportunity to better serve our community. We know firsthand that the type of operations we undertake as a company necessitate following all safety procedures and policies. This has always been and will continually be, a core value of Appellation Construction Services.

Appellation electrical mobile response team
Industrial Electrical distribution station.
Electricians demonstrating team work on an Industrial electrical panel.

Electrical Construction

  • Medium & Low Voltage Wiring

  • Cable Tray 

  • PVC Coated, Rigid, & EMT Conduit Installation

  • Underground Duct banks

  • Electrical Equipment (VFD’s, Panelboards, Load Centers, Contactors, etc…)

  • Single and 3 phase systems

  • Power Generation System (Solar, Photovoltaic & Fossil Fuel)

  • MCC’s/Switchgear

  • Transformers

  • Heat Tracing & Insulation

  • Grounding

  • Lighting

  • Lighting Protection

  • Fire Alarm

  • Troubleshooting

  • Instrument Installation

  • Gas Detection & Fire Eyes

  • Loop Checks

  • Start-Up Assistance

  • Control Panel & PLC

  • Analyzer Installation & Testing

  • Instrument Stand Fabrication

Low Voltage Systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • Sound Systems

  • Data

  • Fiber Optic (Installation, Terminations and Testing)

  • Security Systems


Industries Served

  • Educational

  • Industrial (Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Manufacturing)

  • Commercial (Retail, Public Housing)

  • Pipeline Facilities (Compression, Meter, Regulation, etc.)

Electricians demostrating team work

* Arizona Registrar of Contractors ROC License Number ROC 345397

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